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See How Customers Graded Us? How Can Multichannel Software Benefit Your Business? EBay And Amazon Know Underlying Technology Epos System
See How Customers Graded Us? See How Customers Graded Us?
  • "In their Service Model, they provided me with their fantastic RiteCart tool, Complete technical support, email marketing and monthly product upload as a part of their Service. What more, can I ask for? They built my whole profit making online business with no hassle for me and with a very little monthly fee" - Brij Gupta, Cashmere Gallery

  • "Being not so Tech Savvy myself; for initial few months, it took me some time to understand the tool but now I am amazed with the kind of business decisions I can make, Thanks to your team." - Benjamin, The Mapla Cell

  • "Great! You beat all the Multi Channel products available around. After having changed my solution 3 times, I am finally satisfied with the product and people I am dealing with " - Exxio, E&A Moda Ltd

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How Can Multichannel Software Benefit Your Business? How Can Multichannel Software Benefit Your Business?
  • Helps you to have your store online and offline, all integrated together

  • Helps you to have stores in high selling channels like EBay, Amazon and many more

  • Helps you to take customer orders via phone, online, offline, affiliates, drop shipping channel and many more exciting new channels will be launched soon

  • Helps you with Stock control and Inventory management by providing a centralized stock control and warehouse management system

  • Helps you to understand your business better by providing BI Cube reporting allowing you to slice and dice data across different dimensions

Overall, it will help you to Increase Productivity, Reduce Wasteful Spending, Reduce Operating Costs, Increase Sales, Increase Market Penetration and Increase Market Visibility.

We will help you in every step you take

EBay And Amazon EBay And Amazon

According to a 2008 global survey conducted by The Nielsen Company, over 85 percent of the world's online population shop online, up 40 percent from 2006. More than half of all Internet users are regular online shoppers who make online purchases at least once a month in EBay or Amazon.

Then, Can you afford to be not on EBay and Amazon?

Very early on, RiteCart identified this need and has developed a seamless integration with EBay and Amazon. Infact, many of its customers have already been using it.

RiteCart solution allows you to completely handle EBay and Amazon Channels from within RiteCart administration tool. Some of the key features supported are

  • Automatic synching of stock and inventory details between the channels

  • Automatic synching of orders, returns, payments, communications from these channels

  • Manual and automated ability to list, relist and revise items

  • Configure your product, shipment options, payment options, product listings and design

  • Detailed analytical reports can be viewed inside RiteCart for these channels

  • Above all, irrespective whether you are working with EBay, Amazon, store or your own websites; administration activities is similar and consistent

Know Underlying Technology Know Underlying Technology

There are many solutions in the market and they all seem to say that they offer what I need, so how do I go about choosing?

Look under the hood!

Technology is the backbone of any solution. Solution implemented in right technology can quickly evolve and meet your business needs - both Minor and Major needs.

  • Be wary of tools implemented in Scripting language. This is the least value you can get for your money

  • Look for tools implemented on Languages like Java, .NET or other programming languages

  • Ask about implementation framework, Ask whether Open Source technologies have been used, Know more about them. A good tool would have followed standard industry wide framework and may have used one or more open source technologies as well

  • Ask whether the tool is following Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Epos System Epos System

Whether you have single shop or many shops in many geographical locations, we have got the right pos solution for you.

  • With Local Server and Central Manager Server Architecture (n tiered), our solution is a right fit for all level of companies seeking for a real time view of their whole enterprise

  • Our solution was rated as Best performing epos solution for year 2007 by Retail Business Award for SMEs

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